If I help you to achieve your business goals, we both win.
Honestly though, my entire business is successful based on you UNDERSTANDING what to, and then DOING IT in priority order.

No more procrastination, no more overwhelm.

 I help you get rid of the excuses and give you a model for business where you can ACTUALLY MAKE PROFIT, while looking after your family's needs. 

So, how do I actually do that? 
Read on ...

I show you how to make a REAL BUSINESS with REAL PROFITS. You'll say goodbye to miserly cashflow, and generate strategies from Day One that help you KNOW how to get your business successful online.
I make sure you're in the small percentage of business owners who stop Instagramming about the "hustle" and actually start working on your business goals, to generate real life results. Bye bye wannapreneur.
I'll hook you up with strategies that kick your overwhelm and procrastination to the curb. You'll stop "guessing" at what works and start "focusing" on the strategies to generate REAL RESULTS.

I've got 
your back.
I wasn't born to entrepreneurial parents and I failed math in school.

But it turns out that the mantra my mother kept reciting over and over to me, "Make it Happen" would prove very useful. (She was kind of like the pre-emptive campaign to Nike's "Just Do It" slogan, and almost as obsessive). 

So, even though I failed math in school, I kept fighting for my place. At university, in my career, and in my business. When I landed in my career pinnacle as a Stockbroking Analyst, I didn't tell them I failed math in school, I just proved to them that I could do the job. 

You see, I figured out early that no one really cares about the detail, what they care about is RESULTS.

 In my business I was overwhelmed, frustrated and started at the bottom too. The difference between me and everyone else was that I just kept plodding away, I kept stepping through the fear, and I kept asking for the opportunity, even when it was hard. The other difference was I knew how to measure and quantify results, and my results were great.

That's why I don't sugarcoat things. I ask you to get to work. I get to work with you. I hold your hand and we walk through the trenches together. It won't be perfect the first time, and that's ok. The point is, it will be DONE. I am a coach, and a mum, and I GET YOU. 

I understand your struggle, I understand your challenges, and I understand your lack of time.

But I also know you are on this page for a reason. And that reason is your DREAM. That thing that makes your heart flutter. That thing that has you get excited, even though you don't know how to make it happen, or even if you've tried to make it happen before and failed with your efforts.

You just need someone else to be fired up as much about it as you are. And that person is me.

I’ve grown three businesses from scratch, all while managing two kids 24/7 and having a husband away half the year. And when I reached $10K days in my business, I made myself a promise that I would show every mum on the planet that she could do it too.

And so that's what I'm doing, one business at a time.

A Brief Timeline of My Experience in Marketing.
2004 - Graduated college with a Masters of Business Administration (Marketing & IT) and started my own business in Call Centre Consulting.

2006 - First five figure paycheck in my sole trader business, Call Centre Consulting Services.

2009 - Worked for some of Australia's leading blue chip firms as a Strategic Marketing Consultant while working for the Customer Service Institute of Australia.

2010 - Got married to my husband, Ashley, while running all the marketing in a franchise of ten fitness businesses, then got dismissed while six months pregnant due to inflexibility.

2011 - Birth of my first child and birth of my fitness business, Empower Me Personal Training. Grew my business to a team of 4 staff while working from home and raising my baby.

2012 - Pregnant with second child, fitness business had hit over $100K profit in first year with regular $10K months.

2013 - Hit my first $10K day while running my fitness business from hospital having just delivered my second child. Opened commercial premises.

2015 - Decided I was more passionate about digital marketing than fitness, and that I needed to bring my message to all women about how they too could grow their businesses through digital marketing. Upskilled my qualifications to include online marketing, social media and Facebook credentials (just so I knew what I was doing).

2016 - Started my third business, Futureproof Marketing, while I worked low end jobs for some of Australia's leading social media experts, in order to learn everything I could about the industry. 

2018 - Rebranded my business under the name "Social Media Supermum", held my first in person event days, launched online products of my own and have been working with amazing women ever since!!!

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