You've got the intelligence AND the drive to IMPACT your industry. You know already that online marketing is the way to go.

So WHY haven't you done it already?

There's a learning curve involved here, sure, but that doesn't have to hold you back from success. Here's what I KNOW to be real.

Starting an online business is the only way you will build the life you want, while serving the audience of people who desperately need your product or service, AND are willing to pay you for your worth.

Holding your hand and by your side I'm telling you - you no longer have to walk this path alone - I'm here to help you launch your online business and get it profitable.

Let's Talk About You for a Minute... 
Do any of these sound familiar?
You feel like you're doing everything for everyone else but not pursuing your own dreams...
You have a heart to help others, but it's not being fulfilled...
You feel completely overwhelmed with everything on your to-do list, and don't know where to start...
You have tried a couple of strategies, tried to get online but somehow it all seems too hard or too overwhelming...
You keep telling yourself things like "I don't get the tech", "I don't have the time" or even worse are starting to feel like your dream may not be possible...
You are desperate for a clear plan of action, a strategy that gets you results and a clear path to success...

Now just let me just facepalm you for a minute! This is not ok! 
Because here's what I DO know about you:

You are a hard-working, intelligent, amazing human being and nothing can get in the way of you and your dream...
You are willing to do what it takes, and you know that includes hard work....
You know there is no other better option than this, because your heart wants to sing when you do this thing (the thing you do)...

Not pie-in-the-sky, pigs-might-fly kind of business. A real, solid, focused, results-getting BUSINESS.

So, enough chit-chat about your goals and dreams already, come on - let's MAKE THIS THING HAPPEN.

Haven't I Missed the Online Marketing Boat?


You are actually ahead of the curve. I work with online businesses each and every day and I'm still surprised how many of them aren't doing online in a way that works. In fact, a recent study in Australia cited that only 47% of small businesses are active on social media and only 26% of those businesses have paid to advertise (Sensis, 2018).

And let's think about that for a moment, this is just ONE MOVING PART of online marketing.
AND only a select few of these people are doing it THE RIGHT WAY. In other words - there is room for your business to take the market by storm, in a way you never thought possible!

How do I know this?
Because I have done it in three industries (consulting, fitness, e-commerce) and I've shown hundreds of others how to do the same thing, with incredible results. And now I'm ready to show you!

You've Got Two Options
It's actually pretty simple. If you want to be successful in today's online world, you're going to have to show up at the business person you are and make a choice, either way:
Keep doing what 95% of what other "wannabe" small businesses and entrepreneurs are doing, attempting to run a business with outdated marketing practices, and keep patting yourself on the back telling yourself "one day" you'll get there, but you'll really just get left behind in the dust.
Completely dominate your industry and business in general through executing leading marketing strategies
revealed in my formula. Strategies that you will never learn in a college degree or through other so-called online marketing or business coaches, who haven't yet proved success.
To Be Successful You Need to Focus
on BOTH sides of Business.
(aka your Wow-Factor Brand)
This is all the stuff your audience "sees" about your business, and how they experience you. It's the pretty icing on your business cake, the stuff that looks and feels awesome. But it's only one part of your business.

Your business design - the graphics and brand.
Your brand voice - how you sound, copywriting.
Testimonials, case studies and social proof.
Your credibility, authority and influence you have in your industry.
What you post on your socials and how your audience engages with it.
Networking and speaking.
Content marketing and blogging.
Podcasting, videos, and other organic growth strategies.
Understanding and maximising your customer touchpoints.
(aka your Automated Business)
This is what goes on behind the scenes in your business - it's the stuff no one sees, but is imperative to make your business work. Kinda like the engine of your car, without it your car doesn't run. 

How you capture your leads using automated business and marketing systems and tech.
Social media traffic and conversion campaigns. 
Conversion and online sales optimisation, including A/B testing.
Sales funnels.
Revenue optimisation and online profit models.
Offering multiple programs and sales offers.
Managing the sales process.
So now you know what's up with your business, let me ask,
How can I help you?
I'm starting from scratch and don't know much about the best way to do this. I just need to figure out all this business stuff! Where on earth do I start and what on earth should I be doing right now?
I really need to stop procrastinating and start building a REAL business that's bringing me in leads and money. I need sales funnels, emails, automation and I'm ready to start making some money please!
My current brand is kind of "meh" and I want it to be "incredible". I don't know how to stand out or get noticed, but I really want others to get me, get what it is I stand for, and to click on, engage with and like my stuff!
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